The Interesting History of Play-Doh

Play-Doh Fun Factory

When the name “Play-Doh is mentioned,” a bright yellow container with a colorful lid appears somewhere in our mind. Play-Doh is the kind of toy that doesn’t even need an introduction; almost everyone knows what it is and how to play with it.  Play-Doh is a modeling clay compound for kids, usually … Read more

Texas Most Popular Artists

Dallas Museum of Art, red artwork in the garden, green trees

Texas may not be the most well-known art destination in the United States, but the Lone Star State has a strong reputation in the art world. It is a home for many notable artists like Robert Rauschenberg and Donald Judd.  Texas has also influenced some of the world’s most successful artists. and … Read more

Most Famous Renaissance Baby Angel Paintings

Most Famous Renaissance Baby Angel Paintings

The reign of the Renaissance was an age of rebirth which brought to the limelight many immortal artworks. It was an awakening time for the world, especially for artists who detached themselves from the Church and illustrated things with a novel viewpoint. Even post this divorce, religious and mythological imagery persisted in … Read more