What Is A Branding Archetype

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When someone asks you about your favorite stories, you say the name of your favorite character. Have you ever noticed that the characters they contain fall into big categories? The tired sleuth of cheap alcohol-fueled world. the femme fatale with perfect contempt. The naïve young man whose destiny is to change the … Read more

Ways to Keep the Interest of Your Kids When Homeschooling

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As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, a lot of kids are unable to go back to school. Most kids today are under homeschooling to keep their knowledge and learnings despite being always at home.  The challenge of being homeschooled is that it can be a little bit boring sometimes, especially to kids. Little … Read more

How Is Web Technology Making Us Smarter?

How Is Web Technology Making Us Smarter?

No one can argue how technology has made and continues to make our lives easier. From transportation, medicine, education, manufacturing, entertainment to other industries, it changed how people live in ways more than we can imagine. One of its most significant gifts is the World Wide Web, allowing us to gather information, … Read more