What Are The Types of Material Used To Make Jewelry?

Jewelry diamond rings in box

Jewelry is one of the most ancient means of adornment in human history. Humans have been using it with their ever-changing attires to add a charm to their personalities. The use of jewels and ornaments dates to thousands of years. For centuries, the type of materials used to make Jewelry have been … Read more

Learn the Interesting History of The Fashion Catwalk

Fashion Show, Catwalk Runway Show Even

For decades, the fashion catwalk has been the number one source of bringing life to a designer’s artistic work. Fashion weeks are a great way of exhibiting pop culture worldwide, where designers launch their latest fashion attires, and models flaunt those apparel elegantly on the runways. Not to mention the paparazzi’s and … Read more

Being Thrifty Can Be a Fun Hobby as Well

Admit it, the 90s are coming back to life due to the Generation Z reclaiming the vintage and golden fashion styles. The 90s trends never seem to end as the oldie but goodie cargo pants, pleated skirts, oversized blazers, and mom jeans became a staple piece of clothing for the youngsters in 2019 until … Read more