Gliding as a Sport

a person riding a hang-glider against a blue sky

Gliding may not be as overhyped as any other extreme sport, but it is an equally exhilarating form of competition. Aside from it being an air sport, gliding is also a unique recreational activity for some people who wanted to experience riding the winds. People can do so much while sailing mid-air, … Read more

Popular Sports in Texas

two football teams facing each other, University of Texas football team

Most people can recognize the state of Texas for its solid and committed sports enthusiasts. It is the second-most populous state in the United States, and it is home to various national sports league teams and other professional sports.  Football, soccer, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, IndyCar, Formula One, and Nascar are just … Read more

Who Were the Biggest Sports Stars of the 1960s?


Professional sports finally captured the hearts of many sports fans across the world in the 1960s. During the monumental decade, professional basketball, football, baseball, hockey, and other sporting events like figure skating and boxing overlapped with each other, much to the delight of many sports enthusiasts. Sports coverage on television also vastly … Read more

Oldest Teams in the NBA

an orange ball with the word NBA against a dark background

The National Basketball Association (NBA) can also look back to its historical twists and turns since its inception on June 6, 1946, in the glory days of the Basketball Association of America. It became the NBA as we know it in the merger between BAA and the competing league, National Basketball League … Read more

Who Invented The First Sneakers?

Who Invented The First Sneakers

Sneakers are virtually everywhere. You were them for playing sports, running, work, or even on casual days. It is no wonder, as it cut across being an insignia of athleticism to a cultural and fashion commodity to present-day high-tech footwear. Yet, you might be surprised that the history of the sneakers traces … Read more

Geocaching: the trend of treasure-hunting worldwide

GPS device used for geocaching

Ever wonder if treasures are real? Yes, they are! But some of them are special not because of the actual prize they hold but the experience of looking for it. Geocaching has become more and more popular since the advent of GPS technology continues to advance. The concept of geocaching can be … Read more

Most Famous Golfers of All Time

silhouette of golfer, sunset, golf course, golf club, golf ball

Golf has gradually become one of the world’s most popular sports, and consequently, so did golfers. Golf has brought these professional players wealth as the prize pools are relatively large compared to other sports. Current golfers have the forerunners to thank for paving the way. Here are some of the most famous … Read more