Who is the Father of the Internet?

For most of us born in the Internet age, it is hard to imagine life without it – almost everything that we used to do personally, we can do now with just one click on our PC. For most of us, Internet has always been there, serving as a portal to the … Read more

An Introduction to Mobile Printing

A man in front of a printer

Whether you are in the office or at home, when you are using your printer to print some documents, you would always go to your desktop or laptop, which is a bit time-consuming. Especially if you are in an important meeting and would need to print some files, it would be a … Read more

How Is Web Technology Making Us Smarter?

How Is Web Technology Making Us Smarter?

No one can argue how technology has made and continues to make our lives easier. From transportation, medicine, education, manufacturing, entertainment to other industries, it changed how people live in ways more than we can imagine. One of its most significant gifts is the World Wide Web, allowing us to gather information, … Read more

Fun Ways to Learn Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

A robot that can solve a Rubik’s cube

The advancement of technology has made a significant impact on our world over the past few years. Technology helped make our lives a lot easier; it makes people more connected, wherein we are able to communicate with others regardless of what country they are in. And over the years, technology continues to … Read more

Guide to Printing Technology in the 2000s

An HP Deskjet inkjet printer

The evolution of printers sure does pave its way throughout history. The significance of printers has become widespread over the years, and the printing industry in the United States alone produced roughly 81.7 billion dollars. Because of this statistic, it is no wonder why printing technology is known for its rapid-paced advancement.  … Read more

Practical Strategies for Social Media Branding

Web marketing terminologies

Our world today has developed several ways to promote businesses, as well as other products. The advancement of technology made a significant impact on the marketing strategies of such businesses, making it a lot easier to promote and introduce your business to the public. Social media is an excellent platform where you … Read more

How Have Printers And Their Uses Evolved Over The Years?

Printers ink

Whether at offices, schools, businesses, or corporations, the printer serves as one of the most common devices, enabling us to print text, images, documents, reports, assignments, which are all useful in our daily tasks. However, printers are no longer confined to printing on paper, as some models now offer various functions, which … Read more

The History of Panasonic

Headquarters of Panasonic in Osaka Japan

If you are a fan of technology, then you might be interested in getting to know one of the world’s largest tech companies. You probably have heard of it before because of its significance in the industry for many years until today. It is no other than the Japanese multinational electronics company: … Read more

The History of Printers

The HP LaserJet 5 printer

When you’re at work, one of the most common machines you would find is the printer. Printers serve an essential role in the office. But you will not only find this helpful device at work; it is also possible to have a printer in the comfort of your home. The significance of … Read more

The History of Xerox

Xerox headquarters in Norwalk

The significance of printers heightened during the start of the 21st century. Offices, as well as residential homes, had a wide use for these innovative devices. Furthermore, there are many other office equipments that were invented to simplify work; one invention that made a huge impact in reducing effort at work is … Read more