Tips for Traveling in France

a glowing Louvre Museum at night, and a building at its side

Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.  – Ibn Battuta France is a perfect vacation destination for many people, widely recognized as the world’s cultural capital offering an array of food, beauty, and history to fill a trip across Western Europe’s largest country. You won’t regret scheduling a vacation in France, whether … Read more

Historical Railways in Yorkshire

North Yorkshire Moors Railway north of Goathland

One of the fascinating things that England is historically known for is its numerous winding railways. These heritage railways have been England’s witness of its long history through the centuries – the changes here and there, the triumphs, and defeats. Even today, many historical and architectural remains continue to amaze both tourists … Read more

The Most Rewarding Photography Careers

Black and silver image of a camera arranged geometrically

In an era where digitization has taken off, photography holds immense space to grow as a career. Today, photographers are critical to several industries like sports, journalism, product marketing, and film production. Each role offers different opportunities and compensations, with few offering enough to make them viable for a full-time living fortune.  … Read more

Learn More About Theodore Roosevelt’s Home

a house with a wide lawn

The famous Sagamore Hill, now the Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, was home to the late Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States. He and his family lived in the house from 1885 until his eventual death in 1919. This is also Theodore Roosevelt’s famous Summer White House. The house … Read more

Reasons to Spend the Summer in Hawaii

surfer, surfing board, ocean, wave, island, rock formation

Hawaii is among the top tourist destinations worldwide. It’s known for its stunning beaches, local scene, and breathtaking sceneries. And with the approach of summer, Hawaii is once again starting to be flocked with tourists. Summer is coming, and if you’re still unconvinced about going to Hawaii for your next vacation, then the … Read more