Tips For Traveling On a Rainy Day

Most people prefer to travel and explore a new destination during the summer months when it’s all bright and sunny, but sometimes, the weather just doesn’t cooperate. You’d love to spend your vacation days under the warmth of the sun, but the sky has other ideas. 

However, contrary to what most people think, rainy weather won’t always ruin your vacation. You might not consider it optimal, but you can still enjoy your trip even if the forecast looks bleak. Sure, you have to take extra precautions in such weather, but you shouldn’t let the downpour stop you from having the best adventure of your life. 

With enough preparation and some on-the-spot creativity, you might even find that rainy day one of the most memorable days on your trip. An ideal tip is to keep a shortlist of indoor activities that you could quickly swap in as you plan your itinerary.

Go over some more of these tips to change your mindset about the rainy season and note them down to help you get through rainy weather blues!

Preparation Is Key

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Like any trip to any destination, you have to plan and prepare for all possible situations. Pack items that can help keep your belongings dry under the rain. Bring a lightweight rain jacket that is travel-friendly. Waterproof bags for daily activities and travel will help you keep your belongings and clothes dry from place to place. A reliable travel umbrella, extra socks, and water-resistant non-slip footwear are a must. Pack a small flashlight just in case blackouts occur. Additionally, invest in a water-resistant phone case and watch to keep your tech safe from inclement weather.

Opt For Quick-dry Fabrics

Cut back on jeans – they’re a terrible choice for wet-weather travel. Avoid fabrics like thick cotton, denim, and absorbent materials like rayon and tencel, too. They retain moisture and quickly get uncomfortably soggy; not to mention, they also take ages to dry. You may not have ample time to get your pants laundered regularly during a rainy trip, so you might want to rethink packing those jeans. 

It’s also preferable to stick with darker colors because they can hide mud splatter better than lighter clothing. Moreover, light-colored clothing, especially white fabrics, can be problematic once they soak through, so it’s better to save yourself the trouble of some embarrassing mishaps later on.

Prepare For Travel Delays

More often than not, travel delays are primarily caused by weather conditions. Be it by train, plane, car, bus, or even foot, rain brings delays of every kind. Be sure to spare some time for your commute because there may be a delay at some point during your trip. Constantly check the forecast through the news or your smartphone. 

If you know there’s rainy weather coming, you must procure your travel insurance and verify that it has the coverage you need for possible interruptions and delays. Being mentally prepared and covered by the insurance will save you a lot of stress should the worst-case scenario happen.

Get Indoors

If it’s not thundering and you don’t mind getting a little wet, you can still go outside and explore. Otherwise, you can try and look up some indoor activities for you to enjoy while it pours out. Chances are you already have some in mind, so do them during a rainy day and save the outdoor activities for when the sun finally shows. 

Restaurants, pubs, and bars are ideal bad-weather spots since they allow visitors to interact with residents and learn more about the local culture. You can also try visiting museums, galleries, and shops, treating yourself to a spa day, going to the movies, food tours, wine tasting, and so much more.


When else can you properly enjoy a staycation in a hotel or resort? If you want to stay in and avoid the outdoors at all costs during a rainy season, you can relax indoors and enjoy the luxuries and facilities of your hotel. Some resorts have indoor gyms, swimming pools, spas, and gaming rooms to indulge yourself. 

You can order room service to catch up on the latest movies or series. You can also make use of the sauna or jacuzzi or get a massage. You can maximize your hotel guest experience while it rains outside – you will thank yourself for it.

Bring It On – Embrace The Bad Weather

Some travelers simply choose to face the bad weather head-on. If it’s not dangerous (assuming there’s no thunder or lightning), they simply proceed with their outdoor activities despite the rain. You can still go sightseeing or hiking, and you’ll find that the crowds are smaller than usual. 

If you can handle a bit of rain, you’ll find that the walkways and roads are completely cleared out. So, instead of being bummed out by the weather, you can embrace it and enjoy those moments where you can transform into a kid once again and tear through puddles as fast as you can.

Snap Some Pictures

The rainy weather is just as amazing for photos as that sunny blue sky. If you enjoy taking photographs, bad weather can actually be a good thing. With smaller crowds in the frame and the clouds giving you the perfect amount of shade and shadow, you can capture the perfect shot and provide a whole different perspective compared to the common possibly overexposed shots on a sunny day.

Depending on your creativity and photography skills, you can turn constant rain into an opportunity for a photography adventure. You can use puddles and raindrops to your liking and express yourself in your photos. You’ll be amazed at how the shots will turn out thanks to the rain.

Avoid Jeans and Corduroys

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Another important tip you need to keep in mind while traveling in heavy monsoons is to not wear Jeans, corduroys, and other clothing items made of the same fabric. The reason is that these fabrics tend to soak up so much water, become heavy and take a lot of time to dry.

As a result, wearing wet clothes for longer periods of time will not only make you comfortable but also more vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. Therefore, getting sick is the last thing a traveler would want while traveling, so you need to opt for and wear proper waterproof clothes for the day.

Don’t Forget Antibiotic Cream and Mosquito Repellent

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If you are planning to hike and camp at the peak of the monsoon season, you should consider the attack of mosquitoes that can make your life miserable. With that said, do yourself a favor and bring a mosquito repellent along that will do you wonders. 

In addition to that, an antibiotic cream will protect you from infections that are caused by mosquitoes and other bug bites. You wouldn’t want to leave your wound or injuries open and exposed especially when the weather is moist.

Go with a Hard-Shell Suitcase

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A hard-shell suitcase will go a long way even if the rain comes pouring down hours during the day. It is no surprise that people still want to look stylish when the weather is wet out there and you maybe one of them as well. Therefore, opting for a hard-shell suitcase will definitely keep things a bit classy and protected.

You should make sure to opt for a bag that is guaranteed to repel water and does not absorb water in its fabric. Plus, its zippers should be waterproof, preventing rust and corrosion. Even though many bags are termed waterproof but certain areas and components are still vulnerable to water damage. Therefore, choose wisely. 

FAQs: Tips for Travelling On a Rainy Day

Here are some common questions asked about traveling on a rainy day.

1. How do you travel on a rainy day?

Traveling on a rainy day requires packing warm and protective clothes. It is not going to be easy, especially if you plan on hiking and camping. You need to buy waterproof clothes, bags and wear clothes in layers to prevent the cold from getting to you. And, bring a first aid kit along too incase you might need it.

2. What do you do on a rainy day in the car?

If you are traveling on a rainy day either alone or with your friends or family members, you need to slow the vehicle down. The roads might be slippery and even a slight loss of control can lead to a serious accident. Turn on your headlights and find a spot to park your car for a while. Maintain a safe distance between the cars and avoid heavy braking.

3. What should you wear on a rainy day?

As the rain pours down, so do the chances of getting infections and other health concerns. This means that you need to wear something that repels water and preserves heat. Plus, try wearing appropriate footwear instead of sneakers that might be slippery. Instead, wear diggers or anything of the same type that helps you with traction and keeps the feet protected should you stumble upon a mud hole or standing water.


Traveling during the rainy season brings with it some challenges, but with the right mindset and preparation, you can surely overcome them. Despite the rainy seasons, some people still choose to travel during this time because there are as many perks to traveling in the rain just as there are when you’re traveling under the sun.

Hopefully, these tips gave you the confidence to travel in the rainy weather and enjoy yourself while doing it. After all, a little rain never hurt anybody, right?