Beer Brewing Can Be a Great Hobby!

There is nothing more refreshing than a glass or a bottle of cold beer during the happiest and most festive moments in a person’s life. The smell of the bittersweet malt before taking that big gulp in the mug full of foamy goodness keeps any fruitful conversation going. Luckily, beer is available in every convenience store and supermarket worldwide, so we can keep buying for more when our personal binge stocks are down to zero. However, can you imagine the pleasure of making and brewing your own beer? You could make the game night extra remarkable and personal—plus the fact that you can boast to your friends about having your very own beer line! Exciting, isn’t it? Well, you better know the nooks and crannies of beer and beer brewing first!  

Do you know that the recipe for making a beer was the oldest recorded recipe in the world? The exquisite taste of your favorite beer started around 5,000 B.C., with the brewing process directly documented on papyrus scrolls. The first recipes for beer were brewed in various fermentable fruits such as dates and pomegranates, as well as few indigenous herbs. Indeed, this brewing process and ingredients are much more vigorous and potent than what we have now. As mentioned, the Egyptians, who happen to be the first people to record the beer recipe, uses the beverage during ceremonies spearheaded by the Pharaohs of Egypt. However, some accounts and evidence, such as malt scraps and bowls with beer-like residue, claim that the Mesopotamians are the first beer brewers globally. Well, it is a title worth fighting for. 

After some time, beer brewing made its way from the Middle East and has passed on from country to country. For Northern Europe, beer was a staple beverage due to its nutritional value backed with being a safe alternative for water.

The beer brewing process was revolutionized during the Middle Ages. In this time, the brewers frequently use malted barley as the main ingredient for beer brewing coupled with many different herbs and spices to balance out and further improve the sweetness and bitterness flavor of the beer. Later on, monks further enhanced the taste and flavor of beer by lagering and cold storing—something that we still currently practice in our time. As a result, Germany, Belgium, and most parts of Britain became a place for beer brewing. They are also the ones to salute when it comes to adding and balancing alcohol in beer. This progress in making the perfect beer was continuously improving years after years until now.

While beer brewing can be cool and exciting, it also requires an insane amount of patience, hard work, time, effort, and money. So if you are trying to brew your way into the world of millionaires, it is better to not keep your hopes up. But do not be sad about it! If you have the passion and the love for beer, you will surely prevail, and your hard work in brewing will pay off. If not, then at least you have a beer to drink after the sad realization.

If you are a passionate hobbyist who simply wanted to express his love for beer on a more unique and extreme level, brewing can be satisfying and fun for you. Either way, you can make your own beer that is much cheaper than store-bought ones, so it is a win-win. But first things first, you have to understand the art of brewing. Brewing and mixing the vital ingredients of the beer is the most basic yet essential part of beer making. With this, you can create your own beer recipe that will suit your taste palette. In fact, you can experiment using various ingredients and create different beer varieties for you and your friend. Then, if you are in luck, you might be able to produce a good beer recipe that might be your key to success!

With this, you have to make sure that you are still within the budget since experimenting could be a trial and error process.  Of course, this includes the kit you will want to acquire. There are several brewing kits in the market where you can buy to brew your beer. However, their quality depends on their prices—being the most expensive one as the most productive and valuable. If you have a low budget, some kits cost less but will gradually create a cheap brewed beer, so be sure what brewing kits you want to purchase as it might affect the quality of the beer. Of course, a brewing kit is nothing without its ingredients. In this case, it is recommended that you look for a local market that sells wholesale and fresh ingredients for your beer. A good brewing kit should have the best ingredients to brew or taste cheap and stale.

After finally being particular about this brew hobby and acquiring the things you needed in this journey, you must have patience and time to wait for the beer to brew. Of course, different types of beer require additional hours of brewing. Therefore, you need to wait at least weeks for your beer to be adequately fermented, plus the number of hours you consume for the preparation and mixing process. Indeed, beer brewing is not for everyone, but if you are a person who has a deep interest in beer and how they are made, then beer brewing is definitely worth all your time and money.

There are so many hobbies in this world aside from beer brewing, but no matter how costly and tedious it is, many people enjoy spending their time inside their houses and man caves creating their very own beer. Well, no one can blame them for doing so, right? No one dislikes an ice-cold beer, and anyone would be willing to drink one any time of the day, especially when you are stressed out. No wonder this drink exists for thousands of years. This famous and historical beverage’s charisma will be passed on from generation to generation for sure. Cheers!