Geocaching: the trend of treasure-hunting worldwide

Ever wonder if treasures are real? Yes, they are! But some of them are special not because of the actual prize they hold but the experience of looking for it. Geocaching has become more and more popular since the advent of GPS technology continues to advance. The concept of geocaching can be pretty similar to a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt, but you get to play it all around the world. There are many caches or hidden containers in all parts of the world where you can find and locate using the global positioning system (GPS) installed into most phones and devices today.

This hobby is suited for people who are looking for adventure and fun outside of their comfort zones. Most of them love to travel to different areas within their locality or, in extreme cases, different countries in the world. Getting a geocache can be a memorable and great souvenir if you are passionate about traveling. Of course, even people who wanted to experiment with their lives and dare themselves are welcome to join the treasure hunt! It can also be a great experience for families and friends to enjoy. You can even encourage your children into geocaching since it has a techy touch for using GPS in locating the treasures!

Starting your geocaching journey is very simple. First, you have to visit a geocaching website that allows you to see the location of the caches. Due to the current technology we have now, several geocaching applications are available in application stores compatible with your smart device. Then, you have to put the location or zip code of the area, and you will see how many caches are hidden in that place using the GPS. After that, your smart device can be your map towards your first geocache! While it may seem easy, looking for a hidden cache in a specific location can be very difficult since the GPS cannot pinpoint the cache. It can be inside a cave, buried in the ground, or camouflaged within the trees. 

While geocaches can only have random simple things inside—like letters, clips, and small toys-finding one will surely be satisfying. The difficulty of finding geocache is one of the reasons why searching for them is so enjoyable. Plus, it can be a great way to travel and discover new places in your neighborhood that you have seen before.

geocache’s logbook for monitoring purposes

Are you interested in searching for your first geocache? Here are the safety reminders and tips to level up your geocaching experience!

  • For starters, you have to know about the location of the geocache you are planning to find. You need to understand how your journey can be more complicated depending on the terrain and area you are going to search. In some cases, geocaches are in hiking areas and camping sites where most people have access. You have to fully prepare if you want to search around these kinds of places. Proper equipment and attire are a must! Here is the basic equipment you will probably need in your first geocaching:
  1. Waterproof backpack to protect your belongings in sudden rain showers.
  2. Hiking boots to protect your feet in rough terrains
  3. Water and food to keep you hydrated and focused
  4. Whistle to send signals to other people in case of emergencies
  5. Extra batteries for your GPS to last
  6. First aid kit for emergency purposes
  7. Knife to help you to dig or acquire old and overgrown geocaches
  8. Pen & paper to log things in caches
  9. ROT-13 decoder to decipher and encode hints that will lead you to geocaches
  10. Smartphone as a back-up for GPS and a tool for contact in case of emergency
  11. Trash bags for cleaning the area

geocaches scattered in forests

  • Inform someone that you are going outside geocaching and when you will probably return. Going to secluded areas, camping sites, and forests can be very dangerous, especially when alone. Geocaching in groups is safer and enjoyable, so it is better to look for companions before going out. Be careful searching in a place you are not familiar with. 
  • Mark your trail as you move closer to the location of the geocache. To monitor the site, always keep your GPS open and consistently check the distance of the cache. Of course, this will help you pinpoint the cache location, but it could still be difficult for you. Leaving marks on the trail will assure you and your party’s safe return to your starting point.
  • Once you have already found the hidden geocache, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy the area. Most people who place geocaches strategically put them in breathtaking regions with gorgeous and heavenly sceneries to appreciate. Take the time to appreciate the moment!
  • Next, always log with your name, the date, and a brief story about your experience. Most geocaches, as I have mentioned, possess random small things. If you take one to the treasures hidden in them, be sure to replace them with something of equal or higher value. This trade will ensure that other people looking for geocaches will enjoy the same experience. Also, don’t forget to put them in the exact location where you have found them. Of course, you have to keep it hidden like the way it was before. This way, the geocaches were preserved so other people can participate in geocaching for years and years to come!

Geocaching is a trend material, especially now that people are way more game in these activities and hobbies. So, may this article be a massive help in your first geocaching experience!