How Is Web Technology Making Us Smarter?

No one can argue how technology has made and continues to make our lives easier. From transportation, medicine, education, manufacturing, entertainment to other industries, it changed how people live in ways more than we can imagine. One of its most significant gifts is the World Wide Web, allowing us to gather information, search for facts, and learn something new within a few clicks. 

Despite such perks, an intriguing question still pops up – is Web technology making us smarter? Here, let’s dive deeper and how Web technology is actually beneficial to our intelligence.

Wealth of Information

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Before the World Wide Web’s invention, people had to rely on books to find information about any subject. It entails going to a library, finding the right book on different shelves, and skimming a lot of pages. They’re lucky if the book contains the information. If not, they need to restart the search for the piece of knowledge. Not to mention that libraries’ coverage can be limited, meaning they might not have any specific book certain people need.

Today, there’s no reason to undergo such a hassle and time-consuming process. Just type a keyword in Google, and you’ll see many pages related to the subject. It eliminated the effort, but the information available on the Web is almost limitless and always up-to-date. Such richness and freshness of information is already ample proof of how the Web makes us smarter.

Quicker Fact-Checks

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As information is now available in a matter of seconds, it’s also now easier to check our facts. Is there a need to do a report for work involving statistics a year ago? Does a particular concept seem confusing? Do we want to be sure of something first before we discuss it with others? We can quickly search for the details on our browser for answers. The Web allows us to consistently check on our current knowledge. By that, we can also continually update it and learn new things more quickly from time to time.

New Forms of Learning

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Web technology also signaled the arrival of new forms of learning. While most information comes from web pages and blogs, we can also learn a lot from infographics, watching on Youtube, listening to podcasts, or playing interactive games. If one type of learning doesn’t suit a person, there are other avenues where he or she can resort to gaining knowledge. As such, the possibility of obtaining information becomes more inclusive, allowing every one of us to be brighter than ever.

Improved Literacy

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Web technology also made us more literate. Each day, we read, write, and send emails, or compose tweets. We chat with our friends on Messenger or add notable captions to our Instagram posts. Without even realizing it, we are becoming smarter at communicating with others and expressing ourselves better. What’s remarkable is that it doesn’t end in traditional literacy. We are starting to become more digitally literate, wherein we evaluate and convey information not only through texts but in images, videos, and other forms of digital data.

Final Words

With all that benefits, it can be easier to say that Web technology, indeed, makes us smarter. Adding its continuous advancements, who know what more exciting ways Web technology can change the way we think in the future