An Introduction to Mobile Printing

Whether you are in the office or at home, when you are using your printer to print some documents, you would always go to your desktop or laptop, which is a bit time-consuming. Especially if you are in an important meeting and would need to print some files, it would be a waste of time going to the printing station just to open the files you need and hit print on your computer. Interestingly, the advancement of technology continues to introduce useful innovations that help us make our work a whole lot easier. 

Mobile phones are some of the most innovative inventions of the late 20th century. During its early years, smartphones were not yet invented, and people used cell phones to make phone calls and send text messages. When smartphones were introduced to the public, their popularity quickly skyrocketed and became a significant part of our lives. Smartphones are known for their diverse features, which help the user in performing simple to complex tasks a lot easier. As mobile technology progresses, more and more features were developed to make our work more convenient. That is why mobile printing was developed to help us with printing our documents. This innovative technology allows us to print files easier and faster, which proves to have several benefits. 

In this article, we are going to look into the more profound definition of mobile printing, along with the various benefits that we could gain from it. 

What is Mobile Printing

From the name itself, mobile printing is a technology developed to print documents with the use of your mobile phones. This simple technology allows the user to send print files from their smartphones to the printer. You don’t have to you’re your way to the printing station just to print your documents. All you need is a smartphone and a file; you can proceed with printing the documents with just a push of a button. 

Furthermore, other devices, such as tablets, are also capable of sending our print files to the printer. As long as the devices and the printer are both connected in the same network, then you can proceed in sending out print jobs. Just be mindful of the range of your network since it could be interrupted if you are too far away. Overall, this technology would be very efficient in offices, as well as various households. 

What are the Benefits of Mobile Printing

Now that we already have a brief idea of what mobile printing is, we are going to look into its different benefits.  

When you are working with mobile printing technology, one thing that you would notice is faster production. Usually, people fall in line just to get a chance to print documents in the printing station; this scenario often happens in the office where employees are required to print dozens or hundreds of files per day. Being in a queue waiting for your shot at the printing station takes a lot of time and effort. This could be time-consuming and not efficient, especially in a business setting, where you could use your time in doing other tasks instead of falling in line. 

Mobile printing could save your time and effort falling in line just to use the printer. Even if you are far from the printer, as long as you are within the network range, you can send files to it, and it will automatically print your documents. This process could significantly improve your productivity in the office. 

Another benefit that you would gain in mobile printing is that it is more accessible than the traditional method of printing documents. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to make your way to the printer every time you need to print something. Furthermore, if you are on a trip or traveling to other places to meet clients or conduct business meetings, you can safe-keep important documents on your mobile phone. Keeping your files on your phone makes you ready whenever you need to print them. This feature makes your documents more accessible; just make sure to have your files in your phone with you, and you’re good to go. 

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity
Woman standing and pressing button on a copy machine in the office

Organizations are always looking for new techniques and methods to enhance the productivity of their employees. One of the best ways to do that is by offering them the right technology to make their jobs easier and less time-consuming.

In that respect, mobile printing technology allows employees to print in a wide variety of locations without needing a PC workstation. As a result, the employees do not have to rush to their nearest workstation every time to get something printed. 

Instead, they can easily get the job done at a train station or in any building of their work campus. Ultimately, this saves a lot of time in the long run.

Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service
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Certain industries deal with thousands of customers on a daily basis. Industries like clothing and especially hospitality welcome customers in huge numbers on a daily basis. Therefore, allowing the employees to print from their mobile devices leads to quick service and entertaining more customers. 

This factor alone goes a long way in setting your organization apart from the others and will help set a benchmark for others to follow. 

Potential for Cost Savings

Another major benefit of mobile printing technology is that it can help organizations save some money since it reduces the need for printers on site. Businesses spend a huge amount of money to enable their workers to print from different areas in the building. 

However, if they know that the workers have access to printing wherever they are, they will feel less compelled to spend on such an extensive infrastructure. In addition to that, mobile working and public services have influenced a lot of companies and businesses to reevaluate the need for particular resources on site. 

Industry-Specific Benefits

Some industries are highly dependent on paper such as legal, healthcare, and real estate. Although they can work their way around through emails but you have to hand out receipts and proofs physically on paper. Some industries may also have “mobile” employees.

For instance, realtors move from one property to another constantly. Having the ability to serve their clients over a cup of coffee or tea, can be of great service for the entire business or company.

Software & Services

A major part of mobile printing technology is software& services. Even though you might have an expensive resource that does the printing but that is also dependent on printing software. Without it, the resource will simply not function.

Furthermore, printing software allows users to print documents with ease and convenience in different formats. If you are using a handheld device for printing purposes, it might be that a document does not look the same when printed from a PC. 

This is due to relatively low processing power. In this respect, a printing software has to simply modify the document automatically without the user putting in time and effort. 

FAQs: An Introduction to Mobile Printing

Here are some common questions asked about mobile printing.

1. How does mobile print work?

Mobile print works by connecting your mobile device to a network that is connected to a printer through a Wi-Fi access point. This allows the user to print their documents and photos directly from their mobile device.

2. What is a mobile printer used for?

A mobile printer can easily be connected to multiple devices at a time using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can connect it to your laptop, cellphone, and even digital cameras to make several copies within seconds. And since they are mostly lightweight and compact, mobile printers are not limited interms of where they are used.

3. Is Mobile Printing Beneficial?

Yes, mobile printing saves a lot of time and gets the job done within a few minutes depending on the printing task. This is particularly helpful for industries that attend to thousands of customers on a daily basis. 


Mobile printing is gradually becoming popular amongst different industries. The proven benefits of saving time and reducing costs have allowed companies to incorporate mobile printing technology. Considering the ease and convenience, manufacturers are constantly trying to improve compatibility and quality across different platforms as well.