Learn The Most Common Mistakes Made By Restaurant Servers

Apart from the finger-licking dishes, one thing that stands out the most for an incredible dining experience is the ‘quality of service’. However, most young servers don’t understand their mistakes and keep on picking up bad serving etiquettes. If your service is not good, nobody is going to give your restaurant a 5-star rating, even if the food is delicious and up to par. If you’re one of those servers who keep making mistakes, don’t worry! we’ve got you covered! Click here and learn more about the hacks for improving your service

Most Common Mistakes Made By Servers

Unfortunately, most servers are not professionals and they need to be taught from the scratch. To be the professional and best server in town, you need to be mindful of the common mistakes. Listed below are some of the most highly undesirable and common mistakes made by servers

1. Getting Orders Wrong 


Getting orders wrong is one of those classic server mistakes. Sometimes, a server thinks of himself as some mnemonist and doesn’t look at the written order. Some new servers, to show off and make an image in front of their superiors, end up serving the wrong order. Kitchen staff can also mess up sometimes and ruin the order, but a server should be mindful of what he’s serving and to whom. This way, one party can correct the mistakes of the other one and customers won’t be angry too. Get answers to your questions by checking out Dan’s Plumbing.

2. Not Recommending Meals

Not Recommending Meals

It is one of the most common mistakes that servers make. Servers are mostly recommending dishes they’ve never tried themselves. It is not always necessary to try out each dish, but you should have an in-depth understanding of all the menu items. As a server, you should know different menu crafting methods and be quick in analyzing which side dish suits which meal the best. However, the restaurant also must address this issue and invest their time and money to train new servers.

3. Late Delivery

Late Delivery

Late orders are one of those server mistakes that are bound to happen now and then. Especially when there is a group of customers, and all of them order a different kind of food. In such cases, the goal should be to serve them all at once. The problem arises when the server serves one individual’s order and another one’s half an hour late. This destroys the overall environment and spoils the guests’ mood. To minimize this problem, servers should effectively y communicate with the kitchen staff and make sure that everything is in sync and the serving process goes smoothly. 

4. Hygiene 


Imagine being served by a server who’s dipping his thumb in the glass or is messy with the plates? Not a pleasant sight at all. One of the not-so-common mistakes of servers is bad hygiene. It can be anything, i.e. Wearing horrendous perfume scents, keeping hair down, handling silverware with bare hands, touching or rubbing arms and face, and most of all, wiping off their hands with the apron. All of these can be highly uncomfortable for the customer and he may end up not ordering anything at all. Although post-covid-19, restaurant serving methods have been modified, still some of the basic hygiene problems prevail largely in the food industry. 

5. Being Overly Friendly

Being Overly Friendly

There are a few obvious signs of an overly friendly server. These signs include creating haphazardness, rushing guests, pushing them to buy expensive items, and urging them to have drinks first. (even if they don’t want to). A server should remain kind with the guests, yet exhibit professional work etiquettes. He should not try to befriend the guests and obsessively advertise the expensive menu items. Even if the guests end up giving in to the charisma of a server and buy those food items and enjoy them to their fullest, the fact that they were forced into buying it will remain. 

6. Biased Attention 

Hard Work Pays Off

Another common mistake by a server is having a biased attitude towards customers, i.e. giving more attention to certain guests. Those visiting for the first time shouldn’t think that they deserve any less than the ‘regular customers’. Most diners complain about slow service because servers tend to give their attention to the guests that they are comfortable with. This way, customers feel humiliated and don’t visit the restaurant again. On the other hand, treating all the guests with equal zeal and kindness will improve their customer dining experience

7. Not Going Extra Mile

Own Your Choices

A server’s job does not end with serving the food. He should make the guests feel comfortable with his gestures. Sometimes, going the extra mile for the customers can land a server some great tips and feedback. He can bring water on a hot scorching day, help them find a place for their laptops and a power outlet, remind them that some of the dishes contain ingredients to which they can be allergic, offer specialty drinks at appropriate times, and ask them how they prefer their food to be cooked. When servers don’t go extra mile for the customers and only robotically perform their duties, customers won’t feel special and chances are that they might not return for another visit. 

8. Forcing Guests to Leave

Forcing Guests to Leave

One thing that tops the list of the server mistakes, is forcing the guests to leave when it’s closing time. As a server, you should be patient with the guests and even if the closing time has crossed for 5 to 10 minutes, you should not directly ask them to leave or behave rudely with them. Bad customer service means a low probability of new customers and negative word of mouth.

Another form of this problem is starting to clean the tables and chairs when there are some guests present in the restaurant. This does not only count as an unprofessional work ethic but also rude behavior for customers. 

9. Making Guests Wait to Clear the Bills

Making Guests Wait to Clear the Bills

Waiting for your check to arrive is more frustrating than waiting for your favorite steak. A server should always be ready to go whenever a customer asks for a bill. Sometimes, servers don’t pay attention or think that some other server cleared the bills, and as a result, guests keep waiting for half an hour to get their bills. This destroys the mood of most customers and even though they enjoyed the food, their overall experience falls from 10/10 to 6/10.

10. Not Saying Goodbye

Not Saying Goodbye

This might not be the most common mistake of a server, but it is a great one! Not saying goodbye to the guests can count as unprofessional behavior on a restaurant’s end. Servers often let the customers wander out of the restaurant without a proper goodbye. It may not be a big deal for some people but saying goodbye to the customers and thanking them for their patronage can really have a positive influence on both parties. 

Serve Better – By Fixing The Mistakes

Serve Better - By Fixing The Mistakes

Restaurants should teach their servers about basic serving etiquettes and invest time and energy in their training, otherwise, it’ll be the restaurant’s administration mistake and not a server’s. Servers should also remain mindful of the common mistakes and make use of the best serving practices, for an incredible serving experience for their guests. This way, they’ll be able to move forward in their serving career and maximize the tips too!