The Positive Side of Being a Restaurant Server

Oh, you got a job as a server? Don’t worry you’ll find a better one soon. Why is it that people always hear the words of consolation after getting hired as a server? Although working as a server might not be the ideal job, because of odd working hours, it may also not be the pit of your career, as most people assume. There are a lot of positive sides to being a server. We’re sure that you aren’t hearing them most of the time, but don’t worry. In this article, we’ll appreciate your work line and go into detail about the benefits or positive aspects of working as a server. 

Positive Side of Being a Server 

Positive Side of Being a Server 

There are always two sides to a coin. The same is the case with every working field. When working as a server, do not forget to flip the coin and see the good sides of your odd-yet-fun job! In addition to learning the basic steps of service, some of the benefits of being a server are listed below. 

1. Always Cash in Hand

Always Cash in Hand

One of the most underrated benefits of working as a server is never falling short on the cash. It’s true that servers get paid at the end of every month, but also survive on tips. Most of their money comes from tips. If you manage to serve at least one rich customer during your shift, chances are you’d be leaving with some cash in hand. Even if the amount is not too much, leaving work with cash after every shift can be extremely motivating and refreshing. 

2. New Experiences

New Experiences

What is life if not new experiences? Being a server means experiencing different human emotions, behavioral patterns, and situations every day. Although these experiences can sometimes not be perfect, they teach you about life. As a server, you meet different people every day, whether they are customers or colleagues. You interact with them, exchange interesting stories. If you’re indeed a social animal, working as a server will not only teach new things but also land you great tips too! 

3. Always Fit and Active

Always Fit and Active

Serving tables means not having a moment of rest, and running around grabbing the next order, carrying trays, listening to your superior’s order,  and successfully landing plates on the table. Unlike most corporate jobs, you won’t be sitting in one chair from 9 to 5, staring at a computer screen, without any physical movement. Being a server means you’re always on the move and are likely to stay physically fit and active. Consequently, there are lesser chances of you falling victim to the diseases like obesity and blood pressure. 

4. Exchange Shifts

Exchange Shifts

In case of emergencies, most restaurants allow servers to replace their position with other servers, as long as they are equal in experience and capabilities. For example, if you want a night off or have some family plans, you can always exchange shifts with your fellow server. Unlike other jobs, you have to take sick leave and get some salary deducted in such situations. However, with waitressing, this is not the case. With flexible work hours, you can always inform your boss at the last minute, and he’ll find your substitute. 

5. No Work From Home

No Work From Home

Sometimes working is the last thing you want to do from home. Some people want their home to be their safe place, not where they constantly worry about missing deadlines. That’s why the biggest positive aspect of being a server is not working from home. No matter how tough and challenging your work can get, the good thing is you always wind it up there and then.  You won’t have to worry about the lingering work that most people leave for the next day when working from home. Once a day is over, it’s over! Tomorrow is another day and bears another chance to better yourself! 

6. Work Anywhere 

Work Anywhere

With new experiences and flexible work hours, servers learn to survive in unpleasant conditions. Resultantly, they can manage to work anywhere.  If you live in an urban area, there must be a lot of restaurants to choose from. Without facing any difficulty, you can easily adjust to the new restaurants or other workplaces. Additionally, people are now appreciating the intricacies of the job of a server, and for the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of job vacancies for servers in the food/restaurant market. 

7. Extra Holiday Money

Extra Holiday Money

As a server, you can make extra money during the holiday season, i.e. Mother’s Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Someone could be getting proposed from the love of his life in the restaurant AND bringing extra money for you. Generally, during these days, there are more people, bigger parties and reservations. So, consider these times of the year as your bonus and make little extra cash than usual. Although working holidays can be generally annoying and hectic, you can still make a decent amount of money in those days and maximize tips as a server

8. Food Discounts

Food Discounts

One of the most important and positive aspects of working as a server is food discounts. Nowadays, most restaurants give reasonable food discounts to their servers and even allow them to take some free food for home. While the monthly payout of servers is usually rather low, food discounts can compensate for such low salaries. This way, you won’t have to spend plenty of money on your food and save that money instead. In comparison to other jobs, it is a significant advantage.

9. Learn To Deal With Difficult People


While it’s true that restaurant servers meet all kinds of people every day, they also witness a lot of unpleasant situations. Whether you forgot to put a side dish in one of the customer’s dishes or didn’t bring the water beforehand, some customers can make a big deal about this and end up creating chaos. Being a server means dealing with such people every day. This does not only make you mentally stronger but also improve your people skills. You learn to deal with difficult people and prevent misunderstanding from escalating into conflict. 

10. Valuable Food and Beverage Knowledge

Valuable Food and Beverage Knowledge

When most people start working as a server, their food and beverage knowledge is very basic. However, as time continues, the more they serve different kinds of food and drinks, the more they learn about them. This way, they can amuse the guests by telling them about the whole cooking process, i.e. what spice comes on their entree and how it was prepared. Additionally, they can always let the customers know about different kinds of liquor and how the bartender crafted them to perfection, with his unique soft skills

Being a Server -Pros Outweigh Cons

Being a Server -Pros Outweigh Cons

There are certain pros and cons of every job. So is the case with being a server. However, in this case, the pros always outweigh the cons. Whether you’re a struggling college student looking for a part-time job or want easy cash without following a strictly scheduled job, serving is here to serve! With the flexible timings and food discounts to meeting new and exciting people every day, you can always have cash on hand and that too while having fun moments!