Best Tips For Cleaning Your Car

Have you experienced washing your auto instead of bringing it to the car wash and just entrusting other people with cleaning your car? Another unique way of cleaning your car is with the use of a waterless car wash, which is not common in some places. A lot of people seem to be having a dilemma when it comes to cleaning and maintaining their vehicles. 

There are times that you still encounter problems right after you see the results of cleaning your car. Whether you are the one who cleans your car or you bring it to the car wash, sometimes, you are just not satisfied with the end result. That is why if you are looking forward to improving the way you clean your auto, continue reading this article as we look into the best tips in maintaining and cleaning your vehicle.

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Why Is It Necessary To Clean Your Car Regularly?

Cleaning your car is a necessary practice that should be done regularly. Just like the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” That is why it is better to prevent possible damages your car could encounter, and cleaning is an excellent way to make sure your car is in good shape.

Going out on a trip with your family, performing daily activities like going to work, grocery store, and picking up your children from school, could potentially cause damages to your car. Whichever activity you need to do, it is always important to keep your car in check before you go. 

One of the basic instructions that we have to do is to clean all the sectors to make sure that all the parts are functioning; this is one of the reasons why people wash their cars. Also, there are people who clean their car just to make it look its best, without knowing the benefits of cleaning their vehicle. 

Best Tips In Cleaning Your Car At Home

Using Old T-Shirt, Towel Or Rag?

It is fundamentally wrong on all levels for apparent purposes, but some car owners still do it. Old garments and ragged towels are some examples that they use for scrabbing their car after they wash it. Still, they’re not as soft as microfiber cloths, which are easier on your car’s body; that is why it is recommended to use microfiber since it is gentle to your car’s paint job.

Microfiber cloths are not the only products we can use; we must also try a microfiber chenille noodle mitt, along with a plush microfiber towel or a waffle-weave towel to dry the wet side of the car.

Do We Use One Bucket Or Two Bucket?

One of the best ways to keep your car’s paint job looking best is to avoid rubbing it repeatedly with dirt and stain when you wash it. Some car owners omit to use one bucket on cleaning their car because of a common misconception that it will speed up their cleaning time. This might be true, but the truth is it will harm your car’s paint with the dirt being scrubbed back to your car. 

Try the two-bucket method: one for your soapsuds and the other filled with clean water to clean out your mitt, as well as wash the garment before dipping it back into the shampoo mixture. 

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Washing Under Direct Sunlight?

One of the common mistakes that even some auto shops are guilty of making is washing directly under the sunlight. This method of washing brings negative effects to your car. Even if you use the best car shampoo out there, it won’t save the paint, plastic, and glass from the hideous watermarks caused by sun exposure. This could be worse if the water coming out of the tap is hard or heavily mineralized. 

Forgetting To Dry Out Hidden Areas

Some car parts that the owners forget to dry out include the hood, trunk, door hinges, cowl, side mirrors, and door handles. The thing is, the build-up of water and heavy staining overtime on the said parts can cause corrosion, deterioration, and sooner or later will damage the car. It can also generate external watermarks as you drive off. 

Using Incompatible Soaps Like Detergent

Avoid using Laundry or dishwashing liquids as a shampoo for washing the whole body of the auto because it is extremely harsh on a car’s paint, plastics, and rubber moldings. Instead, use Mr. Clean for your soiled clothes and use automotive shampoo for your car.