Why is Juicing So Popular and What Are the Benefits?

Juicing has been around for a couple of years, let alone decades – and for a good reason also. With diets and workout regimens popping like mushrooms these days, people are often confused about what to do or follow. While on the other hand, juice cleansing remained popular and booming for most people due to the integration of juicing with their diets.

With the juicing culture gaining heights, health groups started capitalizing on this healthy lifestyle sensation; food startups and food movements were suddenly popping out. Juice Generation was one of the pioneering startups during 1999; Eric Helms, the CEO of Juice Generation, firmly believes in the current juicing trend alongside the growing community. Juicing history has laid out a path for a much healthier future for everyone, and we hope the community can grow and promote a better healthy future.

Difference Between Juicing and Bottled Juice

Flat lay a variety of bottled juices and halves of fruits and vegetables on a dark rustic background
Flat lay a variety of bottled juices and halves of fruits and vegetables on a dark rustic background. Assorted juices, tomato, orange, kiwi. View from above

Before, people would often think that there isn’t much difference between bottled juice and juicing, but on the contrary, there is a vast difference. People started to realize that they are not getting the same nutrients from bottled juice as the freshly squeezed fruits. Freshly squeezed fruits indeed provide that vitamins and nutrients boost every human needs daily. This juicing phenomenon may arguably be one of the main reasons juicing became famous for the longest time.

Juicing Benefits

It’s no question that juices and their benefits are essential to everyone nowadays. With the vitamins kick it provides, it will surely help fend those common diseases with ease. But what exactly are the benefits you can get from juicing?

Detoxifying: Juicing can help your body to detoxify those toxic elements inside your body or cleansing as they say. Your digestive system is doing heavy work every time you consume food, mainly processed meats, and fast foods. So it’s good that you detoxify your body with the use of juicing from time to time.

Vitamins and Nutrients: If it’s not clear enough, fruits alone can already give you a boost of vitamins you need, but when you juice them properly, you can maximize the nutrients you’ll be getting. Vitamins plus the antioxidants you can get are indeed priceless, so it’s one factor you should definitely consider.

Not a Time Consuming Activity: In today’s world, everyone is fast paced and nobody got the time to slice fruits and eat them. Incase you’re not a morning person and don’t like to spend too much time for breakfast preparation in the kitchen before work, juicing is a quick fix. It’s time you stop over-dosing on caffeine and start juicing healthy fruits and vegetables. Make juices of foods that have excess of vitamin B, such as citrus fruits, leafy greens, ginger, beets and many more. They’ll help you stay energetic throughout the day. 

Thirst-Quenching Super Drink: One of the main reasons juicing became famous is the creativity with the juices you can make. You can mix and match many fruits or vegetables to your liking or maybe even add that vegetable you don’t like to the mix.

Better than Store-bought Juices: Most juices that are available in the market are not 100 percent pure and fresh. They contain extra sugar, countless chemicals, preservatives, and fake colors. Even if it feels like you got your hands on a 100 percent pure juice, chances are that it must be pasteurised – a process that kills nutrients amd vitamins and delivers high sugar content from the fruit itself. It may taste incredibly good but it won’t be benefitting your health in any way. In order to get all the nutrients and vitamins of a freshly squeezed juice, you must drink it right after it is made. That’s because after 15 minutes, juice starts oxidizing and many nutrients are lost in the process. 

Weight Loss: Yes, it can contribute to weight loss for those people eyeing to lose weight. With the fiber you can get from fruits and vegetables, it’s no question that you can lose weight by adding this to your daily diet. Make sure to get the correct combination of fruits and vegetables, and you’re good to go.

Boosts the Immune System: Juicing can also significantly help decrease inflammation and boosts your immune system. If you are struggling with joint pain or any other consistent illness, a juicer might act as your life saver. Juicing different fruits and vegetables will boost your overall health amd also prevent further illnesses from taking root into your body. 

Healthy Lifestyle: Just like what they say, “train them while they’re young.” One of the great reasons juicing is also popular with almost the majority of the age groups is it naturally promotes a healthy lifestyle. With fruits and vegetables juicing, it’s not hard to teach the youngsters to get used to this lifestyle. Instead of buying junk foods and high sugar sodas, you can purchase a juicer and fruits.

What Fruits/Vegetables Can I Juice

If you’re planning to start your juicing journey, it’s better to think ahead, but the rule of thumb is always to maximize your ingredients’ nutrients.

  • If you want to mix and match fruits and vegetables, green apples, kiwi fruits, and pears are the best way to go for first-timers. This way, you can balance the taste between the leafy flavor of veggies and the sweetness of fruits.
  • Lemons and Limes can primarily help the cleansing of your stomach. So you can opt to add this ingredient with your juice mix to promote stomach cleansing.
  • Try a ‘green smoothie’ or a ‘green juice’. This drink is made with some dark green leafy vegetables, that are filled with all kinds of nutrients and are extra beneficial to your health. If you can’t get used to the taste of veggies, you can always mix the drink with some fruits (in moderation). 

Healthy Lifestyle is a Balanced Diet

Man making orange juice
Mature man squeezing juice from organic oranges via manual plastic squeezer on kitchen table

While juicing is a surefire way to promote a healthy lifestyle, remember that it can only be part of a bigger picture. A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t compromise other meals you’re having; every aspect of the meal is vital for every person’s health. So don’t use juice as a substitute for natural vegetables and fruits; if you’re planning to start your juicing journey, it’s best to consult your doctor or a dietician for more in-depth details. Remember that a healthy lifestyle is a balanced diet.