Being Thrifty Can Be a Fun Hobby as Well

Admit it, the 90s are coming back to life due to the Generation Z reclaiming the vintage and golden fashion styles. The 90s trends never seem to end as the oldie but goodie cargo pants, pleated skirts, oversized blazers, and mom jeans became a staple piece of clothing for the youngsters in 2019 until the current year, 2021. The need for old-fashioned and old-styled clothing became more prevalent and thrifting became a hobby for some. 

Looking for an original nirvana shirt that would match your high-waist pants? People will surely look for thrift shops for one! Not only because it cost way more affordable than the brand new and branded shirt from several stores, but it also reeks of vintage and style that you can never get from a new shirt. No wonder thrifting exists for the longest time, right?   

The Culture Goes Back in History

Thrifting became the most popular during the late 1960s since the rise of the hippie culture in America. In this era, most of the youth prefer wearing cheap and used clothes to stand against the fashion trends. In this way, they are able to create a stand and a dialogue about various problems of the society such as human exploitation and rights at that time. 

This culture of thrifting was followed by the people in the 1990s due to the shocking popularity of music and style influenced by the hippies. Famous and iconic rock bands from the 90s such as Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder also promoted a thrift-style approach in their fashion which influenced more people and youth to acknowledge thrifting as the way of fashion. 

Of course, the 2000 era maintained its popularity particularly when the music scenes of indie rock and emo furthered the hipster movement. Novelty items from thrift shops such as flower-printed clothing, cardigans, and the like became the best sellers during this time. Truly, thrifting became a vital tool for creating more rousing and thrilling fashion trends in every generation until today. 

Thrifting – A new Normal

While thrifting may seem glorious and revolutionary during its early years, some people were compelled to stand against thrifting and thrift shops due to multiple issues of sanitation and societal privileges. However, thrifting prevails generation after generation until now. Since this era revolves on normalizing and understanding about sound conflicts in society and the environment, thrifting became a widely-accepted hobby and business. Online Forums rarely talk about how expensive their clothes are but how cheap they have got their branded Gucci blazers.

Thrifting A new Normal

What is more awesome is that people are setting up their stores everywhere to sell thrift clothes that they took the time to scavenge in their local thrift shops. Believe it or not, there is an enormous 35% thrift shop sale increase in the United States which could attest how people accept and promote thrifting in our current times. 

This thrifting trend hobby has transcended online, with thousands of people from all around the world sharing their own thrift store haul and best find in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There even YouTubers who made their very own thrift shop haul content and DIY outfit videos due to its undeniable popularity. Truly, we could say that the stigmas incorporated with thrifting will fade in no time! 

Your Mini Go-to Guide to a Thrift Store

For some, thrifting and looking for a good find lurking in hundreds of stalls and piles of clothing was a piece of cake, but for the people who are new in the thrifting game, it might be quite vigorous and exhausting. So if you are trying to get inside the exciting world of thrift shops, you better keep in mind these friendly notes and reminders!

  • It is much better to look online and talk to your friends for thrift shop recommendations first before shopping. There are hundreds of thrift shops out there and it will be much easier and time efficient to know what is the best thrift store to shop in your area. 
  • Always bring alcohol and any sanitizing items when going to the thrift store. While it is certain that the store owners keep their items clean, you should still bring alcohol with you at all times since there are a lot of people going in and out of thrift stores. 
  • Avoid fitting clothes as much as possible and always wear them with your clothes on if it is necessary. Wear light, and body-hugging clothes to make sure that your thrift clothes will fit just right! 
  • Avoid bringing backpacks and heavy luggage inside a thrift store. Remember, thrifting for good clothes will require patience and stamina. Thus, it is better to bring only necessary things when going to thrift shops. Five, make a list of the things you want to look for. 

Listing will become handy to people who want to dress up in a particular style of fashion. Some of the people shopping in thrift shops are looking for unique pieces of garments that will complement their current wardrobe. If you are one of these, better make sure to stick to what you are looking for since thrift shops can be a very alluring and tempting place. 

With this comes the last reminder, you have to set a budget before going thrifting. This is a very crucial one since most people tend to overspend due to how cheap the clothes are. Always remember that the reason you are thrifting is because you want to spend less on clothes, not the opposite! 

Tips On How to Thrift Shop

Dress for the Occasion

Woman looking clothes in the shopping mall, seasonal sale or thrifting concept
Woman looking clothes in the shopping mall, seasonal sale or thrifting concept

Depending on where you shop, some stores do not have fitting rooms where you can try out your selection and these stores neither exchange nor refund if you find the clothes inappropriate later on. At the same time, we do not recommend buying clothes without having to try them even if they are cheap and affordable. 

Therefore, before you plan on thrift shopping, make sure to wear something light underneath such as biker shorts or leggings, which makes trying clothes easy if there are no fitting rooms. Plus, thrifting can take hours while searching through the racks. Always wear comfortable and light clothes for the purpose.

Shop with Cash to Avoid Impulse Buys

Shop with Cash to Avoid Impulse Buys
Woman looking clothes on discount in the shopping mall, seasonal sale concept

Even if you have a budget set for thrift shopping, you are most likely to spend it all since the clothes are going to be cheap and affordable. The best way to stop the money from leaking out of your pocket is by using cash only to avoid impulse buying. 

You should focus only on items that you need and fit. This means that you should keep in view your budget, needs, and preferences. You will stumble across many eye-catching items but if they do not match your style, there is no point in having them in your wardrobe. 

Save Time by Scanning the Aisles


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Then again, depending on the thrift store, you might end up spending hours searching through the racks. Not only is it tiring but also time-consuming. Therefore, you must master the art of the scan. Based on your preferred aesthetics and color palette, you should make your way through the store, scanning each rack. This is a skill that will develop over time.

At the same time, make sure you closely inspect each item that you like. The key lies in hunting the right items with a minimum amount of time and ensuring they are without any defects.

FAQs: Being Thrifty Can Be a Fun Hobby as Well

Here are some common questions asked about thrift shopping.

1. How do you thrift basics?

Thrifting basics are not as easy as you might seem. Even though thrifting is an interesting process but considering the overwhelming number of affordable choices, you need to set your goals, avoid impulse buys and learn how to discern quality.

2. What are the rules of thrifting?

Amongst the basic rules of thrifting, you should not remove any price tags, buy underwear or haggle. Plus, never buy electric appliances without testing. Some clothing items can contain diseases and you never know if thrift shops even properly wash them before displaying them.

3. Is Thrifting a Skill?

Yes, thrifting eventually becomes a skill upon regularly shopping and scanning at thrift stores. The difference between a thrift pro and a regular buyer is not what they choose to do, but what they choose not to do.


Thrifting became a very practical and environmental way to maintain your style in trend while keeping a stable budget for all other necessary expenditures. While it is cost-saving in nature, it can also be an income generator for those who have the talent, keen eye, and exquisite taste for fashion and clothing. Thrifting can also be a good start-up hobby for people who want to pave their way into artistry and clothing design by making DIY outfits out of cheap and old clothes. Inside the thrift shops, you are not bound by any rules and hefty overpriced tags. Your imagination is your limit!