How Often Should One Go For a Refreshing Facial?

People are naturally attracted to beautiful things, so we also love to take good and feel good about our bodies and appearance. We follow a healthy diet, exercise, and some beauty regimes to improve our look further-part of it is getting a facial treatment.

Getting a facial might be luxurious, but it should be a part of everybody’s skincare management routine. It is proven to be an effective way to take care of your skin. A facial also ensures you have smooth, healthy, and glowing skin, very much what your skin needs. 

There are plenty of reasons why people have facials. Some want to clean those clogged and oily pores, while some want to get rid of their nasty blackheads. Others have their facial to maintain their soft and youthful look. There are many great reasons why a person should get a facial. However, how often you get them depends on several factors.  


Skin Type

Your skin type is one of the factors of how often you should have a facial. If you have dry skin, quite acne-prone, and have clogged pores and nasty blackheads, dermatologists advise you to get a facial at least once a month or especially during acne flares. If you see an improvement in your skin and do not experience frequent breakouts, continue doing your facial until your face remains fair, smooth, and clean. On the other hand, if you are a person with a mix of oily and dry skin or dry skin in general, once a month of facial will be fine. For people who have sensitive skin, it is recommended to have your facial every less often. Once every two months will do. 

Skin Worries

If you suffer from acne, whiteheads, and blackheads, you may need to have a facial more frequently. A regular facial would be recommended when your skin benefits a lot from the treatments like light therapy or peels. 

Treatments Used

girl in white uniform, face of the girl being treated, pink gloves, white cloth

The frequency of your facial also depends on the treatments your Esthetician use on your skin. Some treatments require frequent appointments since they usually do them in series. It will be until the process of your said treatment is complete. Treatments like eye enhancements and peels are examples of treatments done in succession.  


People of younger age require lesser frequency doing facials than older people. The skin of young people naturally builds new cells that develop and grow much faster. The younger the skin, the faster it rejuvenates. However, if you are young and suffer from several skin issues, it is alright to have a facial more often. It shows that as young as you are, it is crucial to have an excellent skincare routine. Keep your skin free from issues and devise a proper way to deal with your acne breakouts. As you grow older, you will need to redesign and tweak some of the steps on your skincare routine for you to develop collagen skin cells. 

Infrequent or Occasional Facial

If facials might cost too much for you to afford to have them every month, you can at least come seasonally. Changes in the season can cause harm to your skin. The warmer and more humid the season, the can cause acne breakouts and sun damage to your skin. On the other hand, the colder the air during the cold seasons, the dryer your skin gets. Having facial appointments for each season assures you that weather changes will not cause harm to your skin. 

Frequent Facials

As beneficial facials can be, they may also negatively impact your skin if done too much and much more frequently. Having facial multiple times in two weeks may cause damage to your skin. Unless you are doing series of treatments to address some skin issues, having facials more often may do more harm to your skin. It is why it is essential to work with a professional with training and experience when it comes to your skin. These people are knowledgeable about your skin type, skin issues, and the specific needs of your skin.

Skincare experts usually recommend people to have a facial treatment every three or four weeks. According to professionals, that timespan is how long your skin undergoes cell growth and exfoliation. But, how often you have a facial is usually different for everybody because everyone’s routine is different from one another. It technically depends on the type of skin you have and its issues. Aside from visiting your esthetician and having regular facial treatments, it is also essential to discuss what skincare regimen you may need to do at home to maintain and help your skin more in between your appointments. Ask your esthetician’s advice regarding the skincare routine that is appropriate for you. Also, talk about the ideal schedule for your facial treatments.