Sugar-Free Nicotine Products to Replace Your Cigarettes With

Even if you regularly smoke cigarettes, there may be a little fact that you’re overlooking — and it’s that cigarettes contain sugar. Sugar is a naturally occurring substance in tobacco, but tobacco companies have been known to still add sugar to their products. When asked about this, only 5.5% of smokers actually knew cigarettes contained sugar, according to NCBI.

If you’ve been cutting down on your sugar intake, this could be bad for you. You could be making conscious adjustments in your life such as avoiding sodas, eating fresh fruits, or even practicing cooking habits like those listed in our article ‘How Can You Make Waffles and Pancakes More Healthy?’ But if you’re not cutting down on cigarettes, then your efforts could be undermined.

Fortunately, there is a vast range of options that you can choose from when it comes to sugar-free nicotine alternatives. And here are some of them!

Rogue’s nicotine pouches

One of the newer options that you can explore for cigarette alternatives are nicotine pouches. These pouches often come in cans and are available in a variety of nicotine dosages, ranging from 2mg to 8mg. You use them by tucking the pouch under your lip for around 30 minutes to get that nicotine kick.

If you’re looking for a sugar-free option, you can look into the Rogue nicotine pouches on Prilla which use advanced steam extraction technology to harvest tobacco leaves and extract the nicotine. This leaves the sugar behind, keeping the pouch completely sugar-free. As a result, you can have a sugar-free, fuss-free nicotine experience.

Essence Vapor’s e-liquid for vapes

If you prefer vaping, then you’re in luck considering the sugar-free e-juices that you can use along with it. One of the best options for this comes from Essence Vapor, which is a USDA Organic Certified company established in 2014. The brand sells e-juices derived from natural ingredients, with realistic flavors like Arctic Cloud and Yumberry. Not only do these products reduce your sugar intake, but they are also a safer option for your vape’s coils, which are commonly gunked up by added sweeteners. Essence Vapor is perfect for e-cigarettes dominating the global market.

Rite Aid’s nicotine lozenges

Nicotine lozenges are ingested in the same way that you would let candy melt in your mouth. Within only 20-30 minutes, you’ll already be able to feel that nicotine kick in. They’re also an approved form of nicotine replacement therapy, which makes them very convenient if you’re looking to quit cigarettes altogether and avoid that sugar.

For sugar-free options, Rite Aid offers nicotine lozenges that can reduce your cigarette cravings. Besides being sugar-free, they also come in flavors like cherry. So even if you’re going for the healthier option, you can still get the pleasure that comes with your nicotine intake.

Nicorette’s nicotine gums

Nicotine gums are great replacements for cigarettes, especially if you want something that feels habitual and stress-relieving, like chewing. These nicotine gums usually take 30 minutes for you to get your nicotine dose, and trigger a tingling sensation in your mouth as you’re chewing.

Nicorette offers nicotine gums that are sugar-free, coming in both classic and mint flavors, so you have the option to choose. Because nicotine gums are also a popular choice for nicotine replacement therapy, they are available over-the-counter, so they’re accessible at any time.

Your sugar-free lifestyle shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the soothing effects of nicotine. Fortunately, with these cigarette alternatives, you can enjoy both health and relaxation!