What Types of Drinks And Foods Can You Make In A Blender?

If you’re only using your blender in making healthy smoothies, well, then you’re missing out on all the sauces, desserts, and soups you can create using this multi-tasking kitchen tool. While smoothies are one of the healthy choices you can make for on-the-go breakfast or snack, that’s merely a scratch on the surface when it comes to utilizing a blender in making another healthy meal. 

So, to get more mileage out of this tool, you need to discover its blender settings. Using this, you can now stir, chop, mix, or liquefy your food and transform it into a whole new different recipe suited for your taste. 

With that, in this article, we will help you consider which tasty ideas are worth trying for using a blender. So, get your blender and give it a whirl.

1. Pancake Mix

Woman chef pour dough by hands with ladle on cooktop. Cheese, tomato slice in plate on blurred background. Front view.

If you wanted lump-free pancakes, one of the easiest ways to do this is to ask for help from your blender. To do this, you can toss your pancake ingredients in and switch on your blender to make that smooth mix. However, if your blender is not a high-powered model, you can always break up the mixture using a spoon in between pulses. 

Now, if you wanted to make it more deliciously healthy, you can make an extra effort and combine it with berries and whip creams as your toppings. These pancakes can also be your perfect way to start the day aside from protein shakes. It could also be your treat to boost your energy after a workout. 

2. Soup

Hot vegetable soup in a dish made of natural materials. Traditional family lunch in a Russian village

Blender can also be used in creating creamy and smooth no-cook soups. Also, there are lots of ingredients you can use in order to make soups, such as potato-broccoli soup, pumpkin soup, butternut squash soup, tomato bisque, and many more. Nevertheless, you can also use a blender in order to make your cooked soup smoother and creamier. One thing you should remember, though, is to cool the soup off first before adding it to your blender. 

3. Muffins


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Like a pancake batter, muffin batter is also easy to prepare at home, and you can easily add in veggies while blending. In case you’re a busy mom and looking for recipes that don’t create a lot of mess but pack tons of nutrients, homemade muffins are the perfect choice. You can easily make veggie blender muffins and children will also be able to consume nutrients, without even knowing. If you’re in the mood for something sweeter or fruit based, go for Banana Nut Oat Muffins.

4. Sorbet

If you wanted a sweet yet quick dessert, you could also utilize your blender to create a sorbet – no Ice cream maker required. All you have to do is to prepare frozen fruit and sweeteners. Also, a high-power blender is preferred in making a sorbet, but a typical blender may also be used. However, when using an ordinary blender, you will need to stop the machine and stir if it refuses to blend. Time is a valuable factor here, so you need to work quickly so your mix won’t melt. 

5. Peanut Butter

Homemade peanut butter is a real game changer! Plus, you can also create this mix using your own blender at home. You will be needing freshly-roasted peanuts – pulse them for minutes to crush them into a more refined mix. Add a little amount of salt, honey as sweetener, and other desired ingredients. Pulse these ingredients for a couple of minutes to combine them all into one desirable mix. The good thing is that you won’t be needing a high-powered blender in doing this. But, make sure you will be working in intervals, especially if your blender starts to smell smoky. If it does happen, rest it for a few minutes, and you can now continue using it. 

6. Pizza Sauce

Raw dough for pizza with ingredient: tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, cheese, spices served on rustic wooden table. Flat lay. Italian pizza margarita

In case you’re a homemade pizza freak and tend to make it every two weeks, it’s time to stop investing in costly jars of pizza sauces. Its texture may intimidate you but pizza sauce is one of the simplest sauces that can be made in a blender. It’s specifically easy to make a batch from the scratch, since you won’t have to cook the sauce. All you need is some basil, garlic, tomatoes, and any other seasonings or spices of your liking. It will definitely be tastier and more fresh than any store-bought sauce. 

7. Salad Dressing

A hand pouring salad dressing into cobb salad with chicken, avocado, bacon, blue cheese, tomato and eggs. Keto diet

Using a blender, you can now make salad dressings in about five minutes. Creating your own dressing is surprisingly easy, plus it can be much better than store-bought dressings. Store-brought sauces are good, but they can sometimes be packed with added sugars and high calories because of the oil and cream they contain. So, fret no more. With your blender at home, you can now create your own salad dressing with the ingredients of your choice while saving grocery money. Some of the dressings you can creatively make using a blender includes the variation between French dressing, Italian dressing, soy vinaigrette, and herb-filled green dressing.

8. Bourbon Milk Punch

Homemade Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch

Generally, Bourbon Milk Punch is made with milk or half-and-half. It’d easily be your next favourite blender-recipe that can be made in minutes. This frozen version is blended with different flavors of ice-cream and tastes like a fresh and boozy milk shake. In case you’re having a party at your place and can’t decide on the drinks, this classic New Orleans cocktail (Bourbon Milk Punch) will definitely save the day. 

Blend Well – Eat Well

Woman is preparing a healthy detox drink in a blender - a green smoothie with fresh fruits, green spinach and avocado

It’s pretty normal that with the passage of time, people are becoming more and more time-conscious and don’t want to spend hours in kitchen for a 10 minute meal. That’s when a blender comes in handy. However, most people don’t know about the full potential of this common kitchen gadget and only use it for drinks. A blender can easily be used to whip up casseroles, soups, meals and many other yummy and healthy recipes. Henceforth, save your time and eat well, by blending well all of your ingredients!