What Time of Year Is The Best Time To Visit Thailand?

Thailand captivates tourists for various reasons, including delectable food, fascinating culture, colorful festivities, and the promise of days spent on majestic blue beaches. You may have already set your heart on a luxury hotel stay in Bangkok or a low-cost beach vacation in Phuket, or you could do something completely different! In any case, you’ll want to make the most of your vacation by visiting at the correct time. However, when is the best time to visit Thailand?

Here’s how to figure out when is the ideal time to visit Thailand.

The Rainy and Dry Seasons of Thailand


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Sunshine-filled days are assured between January and April, with temperatures reaching up to 34 degrees, making it perfect for beachgoers. The least humid month is January, whereas the driest and sunniest months are February and March. You’ll also be able to visit must-see World Heritage Sites like the Similan Islands during the hot season. This group of islets in the Andaman Sea is only available to the public between November and April since they are UNESCO protected.

When does Thailand’s rainy season begin?


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Thailand’s rainy season runs from March to October. Some days are typically sunny and pleasant, while others may force you to seek shelter indoors owing to sudden rain. But don’t let it deter you. It frequently rains late in the afternoon or evening in Thailand, and it typically lasts a few hours. It’s also worth mentioning that the rain is an excellent way to remain cool and reduce humidity, so it’s not all bad.

Best Time for Getting a Flight Itinerary

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The rate of airline tickets is governed by the season, festivals, events, and trade shows.  In general, the most significant rates are found when booking one to three months in advance, with the best bargains found when booking six weeks in advance. When scheduling for Chinese New Year and December-January, there are certain exceptions. It’s recommended to book as soon as possible during these times.

Best Time for Aquaphilia 

Swimming and snorkeling are excellent all year in Thailand, except on days when thunderstorms occur during the rainy season. November through April is generally the ideal time to visit, especially if you want to see the Andaman Sea islands.

Best Time for Cruisers 

The most fabulous months to see whales from the sides of your ship are September to December, but November to January is also the most expensive. Cruise discounts are best obtained during the start and conclusion of the rainy season.

Best Time to Tie the Knot

Man open a ring box to give a gift to his girlfriend.

Thailand is a fantastic wedding location all year with its tropical beaches and sunny weather, save during the rainy season. Rains tend to fall in brief bursts that rapidly dry up during the beginning and end of monsoon. On the west coast, November to February is the finest (and safest) period to be married, whereas June to September is the greatest (and safest) season on the east coast.

Best Time for Fishers

Fishing is possible all year in Thailand, with various species biting at different times throughout the vast coastline and off the islands. The wet season is excellent for fishing. Freshwater fish are prevalent in Thailand. Aside from common fish species, local species such as Giant Mekong Catfish, Barramundi, Siamese Carp, and Giant Snakehead are pretty popular. Fishing places include ponds, lakes, dams, rivers, fishing parks, and specific resorts.

Best Time for Mountain Climbers

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Thailand’s fantastic hiking/trekking is best experienced during the colder months of October to February. Though hiking is possible all year, summers in this area may be pretty hot, bringing lots of water, sunscreen, and insect repellant. To avoid the midday heat it is best to hike early in the morning.

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

Couple Visiting the Gorgeous Loha Prasat Pagoda Adorned with 37 Golden Spires inside Wat Ratchanatdaram Temple, Historic Temple in Bangkok Old City

Bangkok is a fantastic city to visit all year, except for September and October, when the worst rains. However, the months of November to February are ideal for a visit since the rains have subsided and the weather is milder. If it’s raining outside, visiting during the rainy season can save you money on hotel rooms and allow you to take advantage of the city’s various indoor activities. From mid-June to mid-August, the annual “Amazing Grand Sale” takes place, with consumers able to take advantage of great prices on clothing, gadgets, jewelry, and more. 

The warmest months in the city are April through June, while the wettest months are July and August; both months see fewer visitors and reduced airline and hotel costs. The peak season also happens to fall on New Year’s Day and the Chinese New Year. In September/October, the 9-day Kin Jay (Vegetarian) festival is also trendy. Numerous booths and restaurants display yellow flags to indicate their involvement by offering exclusively vegan cuisine.

The Best Time to Visit Phuket

Airplane landing at Phuket Thailand airport mirrored in terminal

From November to April, the most incredible time to visit Phuket, when the weather is cool and excellent for beach and aquatic activities. Phuket’s daily highs vary from 31°C to 34°C all year, somewhat warmer in the summer and slightly colder in the winter. The rainy season lasts from May to October, and hotels offer lower rates; nevertheless, the water can be dangerous at times, particularly on the west coast when the weather is terrible. The east coast is typically quieter throughout the year. The most significant time to see whales in the Gulf of Thailand, off Phuket’s east coast, is from September to December.

Best Events to Attend in Thailand 

Thailand is known for its lively and exciting events that attract the attention of not only the natives but also foreigners from around the world. Add these events to your calender, as these might be the best times to visit the Land of Smiles. 

1. Loy Krathong Festival

Wat Arun temple and Floating lantern in Bangkok, Thailand.

Loy Krathong is Thailand’s very own ‘festival of lights’ and it is arranged in the month of November. This exciting and brightly colored event takes place around numerous Buddhist temples in the town of Phuket, where foreigners and locals join in together for a wholesome celebration. This festival marks for a good fortune, where people wish for happiness and health. 

You’d also be witnessing some ethereal floating lanterns that light up the rivers and sky. You can also buy your very own karathong i.e. a lotus flower covered boat, from the stalls lining in the streets. They are mostly covered in candles, flowers, and incense sticks. The festive lanterns are also meant to carry your bad luck away.

2. New Year’s Eve

In case you’re planning a trip to the Thailand at the end of an year, we suggest not to miss that incredible and breathtaking New Year’s Eve. Thailand is one of the best places to spend a New Year’s Eve. You can pick from so many venues and events, such as all-night-long beach parties, chic rooftop bars, or romantic river cruises with your loved one. 

The sun-kissed Phuket also offers lively new year parties on Paradise Beach, that are to die for. You can eat, dance, and witness fireworks at midnight and have the time of your life in this swathe of sand. Phuket Town rings with singing contests and music concerts on a New Year’s Eve that can be a perfect romantic spot for you and your better half! 

Thailand – The Land of Smiles 

Asian family enjoy eating food on street food restaurant with crowd of people at Yaowarat road, Bangkok

Thailand has rightfully been claimed as The Land of Smiles and it has been bringing smile on alot of people who come to visit this warm side of earth. Because of its calm beaches, time-stamped historical sights, tropical climate, and some of the tastiest food on the globe, Thailand has made its place on the holiday hot list. Therefore, if you’re thinking to pay visit to this festive land, do your research, find the perfect month/time and destinations, and enjoy the festivals to the fullest!