The Interesting History of Play-Doh

Little hands mixing Play-Doh

When the name “Play-Doh is mentioned,” a bright yellow container with a colorful lid appears somewhere in our mind. More than that, the word – play-doh triggers a sensory memory in our minds; the soft and pliable material in bright colors and a fruity scent. And the taste of course – the … Read more

Macrame Through Time

White threads and cords required for Macrame

When talking about macramé crafts, people tend to think about bohemian styles. Macramé is a crafting technique that uses basic knots to develop artistic designs and create textiles used by early Arabs in the 13th century. However, some historians believe that artifacts made from knotting techniques were used by ancient Arabs, Babylonians, … Read more

Best Art Knives

carved food decorations

The liberal arts have entered the limelight and have grown into popularity. Although street performers were already rampant in most tourist destinations like Paris and Italy, their popularity skyrocketed because of their commendable performances and flash mob movies inspired by these street performances, such as the Step Up franchise.  Since then, tourists … Read more