What is the Singularity Concept in AI?

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The singularity concept refers to the development of technology to an extent where humans wouldn’t be able to predict the capabilities that super-intelligent machines hold. For now, it is just a theoretical concept. However, it is believed that at the rate at which technology is growing and developing, there might come a … Read more

Basic Financial Components of SaaS Business Model

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Software as a service (SaaS) is a service that delivers applications over the internet. SaaS can also be called web-based software because no additional software is needed for the service provided. Users can access the service via web service since the SaaS application runs on a SaaS provider`s servers. Financial Components The … Read more

An Introduction to 5G

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In telecommunications, 5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. The cell phone companies began to implement around the world in 2019. It is intended success to the 4G networks that provide connectivity to the majority of the cell phones. According to the GSM Association, it is expected that 5G … Read more

When was the Speaker Invented?

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A loudspeaker, commonly known as a speaker, is a device that reproduces sound by converting electrical energy into sound waves. Whether or not you’re a music or entertainment enthusiast, it is undeniable that loudspeakers have played an essential role in amplifying sound on a day-to-day basis. Despite their complex beginnings, today’s radios, … Read more

The History of the Electric Stove


Cooking has played a vital part in human evolution. For early humans, the process made food far more digestible, allowing nutrients and calories far easier to absorb and providing them access to more types of food sources needed for survival. The exact origins of cooking are shrouded with mystery. It is speculated … Read more

What is silicone lubricant spray?

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In terms of lubricating and caulking various equipment and automotive parts, silicone lubricant spray is probably one of the best go-to household products. It is a water-resistant and non-reactive product that works well in keeping many surfaces well-lubricated and protected from rust. What exactly is a silicone lubricant spray and how does … Read more

How Do Car Brakes Work?

How Do Car Brakes Work

You’re driving happily along a road when a deer pops out of nowhere in front of your car. Thankfully, you hit the pedal in time and the vehicle stopped, saving you and the wild animal from any mishap. That proves how essential a braking system is for a car, as it is … Read more

How Remote Control Toys Work


Technology dominates the world today. From multiple technology-based companies, such as Google, Samsung, and Apple, the world has been introduced to revolutionary advancements, such as artificial intelligence, mobile printing, and many more. As technology advanced, so did the toys people play. From simple and makeshift items of leisure, toys have become complex and high-maintenance … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Drone

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Drones are quite expensive. If you have one that is of good quality, much for if it has an AI capability, you have to learn how to maintain it. Knowing the basic care guide for drones will save you a lot of money. By properly taking care of an expensive item, you … Read more

What is Fiber-Internet?

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Thanks to the faster, highly-improved internet connectivity, we now enter a world with almost limitless possibilities and access to information in just a snap of our fingers. For most advanced countries, gone are the times when one has to wait for a grueling day to finish downloading or uploading that particular file … Read more