Tips For Keeping Your Dog Clean

Dogs are playful and active pets. They love physical activities as much as playing with the members of the family. Yet, some dogs don’t like getting a bath and would simply run away seeing you getting them prepared for a bath.

Still, dogs need to be clean to stay healthy, happy, and enjoy activities with them throughout the day. But keeping them clean could be a challenge for some, especially for dogs who don’t like the idea of having a bath. If this is your problem, just continue reading to gain more insights and tips to clean a dog without bathing. Also, you can read here some tips on how to effectively train a cat.

Use Waterless Shampoo

Little do people know that a good mixture of baking soda and cornstarch eliminates dog smells. This is an excellent homemade remedy that dog owners can easily create in their house using simple ingredients. After mixing them up, you can put it on their towel to massage it on their coat for a couple of minutes. Just make sure to cover every part of their body, including their belly and paws.

After a few minutes, all doggy smells are gone with this waterless shampoo. You can mix this powdered shampoo and store it for a long time, so you can give your dogs a regular cleaning. 

dog bed-jpeg

Clean Their Bed Regularly

A dog’s bed is where they spend a large portion of their life, especially during sleeping time. And whatever’s creeping or lurking in their bed, be it bacteria or fleas, it will go straight to your dogs if they are left uncleaned. So make sure to regularly clean their beddings at least once a week or whenever necessary, as dogs can thrash or put dirt on their beddings. If you want to keep your dogs clean, keep their beds clean as well.

Give Them A Healthy Diet

Dogs need to have a good healthy diet to be truly clean from the inside out, like gastrointestinal clean. Giving them a poor diet can cause them many internal problems and make their wastes smell bad. This will quickly produce dog smells on your pets if regularly provided over time.

You need to be careful with their diet and always look out for their nutritional needs. It is always better to spend a little more penny on a healthy diet than to spend big on a vet clinic for gastrointestinal treatments. Plus, a healthy diet makes your dog clean and smell good.

Brush Their Fur Regularly

Whether your dog has short or long hair, they need to be brushed regularly to remove dirt and tangles that build up over time.  If you are worried that this might consume time, brushes can only take five to seven minutes. So you can actually do this every day to guarantee your dog is free from any pests attaching to their coat.

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Oral Care

Dogs may have stronger teeth than humans, but still, they need to be taken care of and have proper oral care. Dogs’ teeth are more prone to plaque and dental bacteria build-up since they love to chew almost anything they can grab with their mouth.

Some dog owners tend to forget this oral hygiene to keep them clean, but this is actually one of the critical parts that need to be cleaned. Most dog disease comes from what they eat, accidentally or not. So to avoid this problem, brush your dog’s teeth daily.

Use Pet Wipes

Pet wipes are a great cleaning tool for your dogs. These are affordable and almost available to every pet store and even groceries. You can use them to wipe off the dirt from their coat, belly, and paws.

This is easy to use and portable, making them perfect when you are traveling with your dogs and need a cleaning kit. So make sure to keep a little more of these handy pet wipes for your loving pets.

Clean Their Ears

This is a part of the dogs that are often neglected when cleaning them. And ear infections are common to dogs, especially with big long ears, as wax and bacteria tend to build up there over time. So when cleaning your dogs, you need to include this on your list that needs to be kept clean regularly.

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