What are the Benefits of a Boonie Hat When Gardening?

During the warm seasons, a hat is one of the most reliable accessories to have, as it can protect you from harsh sunlight while also keeping you relatively cool. There have been many different types of hats that are popular to use in the summer, but none is as stylistic and as functional as the boonie hat.

The boonie hat may look like a cowboy hat at first glance, but it is actually made of softer materials that make the accessory lighter and more breathable. No one knows when the boonie hat was invented, but it first became popular as headwear for soldiers in the US military. Today, the boonie hat can come in different colors and sizes, thus making it more accessible for almost anyone, even those that like gardening. If you are currently planning to purchase your first boonie hat, take a look at the list below of the benefits of the accessory to help you decide if the boonie is suitable for you.


Provides Ample UV Protection

Like many other hats, the boonie provides sufficient protection for your head under the sun. The face is where the most sensitive part of your skin is located, so it is essential to protect it and take care of it as much as possible. Too much sunlight or UV rays can be harmful to your skin, which is why it is recommended for you to wear a boonie hat or any type of hat while you are gardening in the morning or afternoon.

Can Help You See Better Under the Sunlight

It is a known fact that sunlight can often obscure your view, which is why cowboys wear hats and drivers have built-in sun visors in their cars, as these items can help them block the sunlight and see where they are going. The boonie hat is also effective in preventing the sunlight from obscuring your view, which can be problematic while you are fixing precious plants and performing other gardening duties. With the boonie hat, you will have a more convenient and hassle-free time gardening in your front yard and backyard.

woman with a hat gardening

Can be Affordable

The boonie hat is a very affordable hat, which is why it is one of the most accessible hats in accessory and clothing shops today. With the boonie hat, you can still save plenty of money for your gardening budget since the hat wouldn’t really cost you a lot. Buying a boonie hat allows you to spend money on other aspects of your garden rather than buying an expensive accessory.

Protects Your Hair

Another benefit of wearing a boonie hat while gardening is it would protect your hair against different weather conditions that may damage it. Like the skin on your face, the hair is also quite sensitive, so it is essential to protect it by wearing a boonie hat that can provide 100% protection against sunlight, dirt, and other harmful elements.

Keeps Your Head Warm

The boonie hat is not only usable during the summer, as it can also be worn during colder seasons like fall and winter to keep your head warm and comfortable. If you are planning to maintain your plants during fall or winter, make sure that you wear a boonie hat outside so that you won’t feel too cold. Of course, you should complement the hat with appropriate clothes to keep you warm while gardening.

Can Be Very Stylish

If you are the kind of person that wants to be fashionable even in your garden, you can purchase and wear a boonie hat since it is very stylish when styled correctly. Because boonie hats can come in different colors and sizes, you can easily find the hat that will fit your fashion style and preferences. Besides gardening, you can also wear the boonie hat during outdoor trips to elevate your outfit. If you want to know how style the accessory, you can quickly search on Google for the best ways to wear a boonie hat.

A Portable Accessory

Because the boonie hat is made from soft materials, you can easily fold it up and fit it in your bag or pocket if you don’t need to use it during your gardening. The boonie hat is also lightweight, so it wouldn’t add any more weight to your gardening basket or bag filled with tools if you want to keep the hat there. Furthermore, the boonie hat can be easily cleaned, so once it gets dirty while you are gardening, you can immediately throw it in the washing machine along with other dirty laundry for cleaning.

Those are a few of the best benefits of owning and wearing a boonie hat for gardening. The boonie hat is incredibly versatile, so you can wear it in any type of activity or event besides gardening or taking care of your plants. Try purchasing one and see if it suits all your needs when it comes to providing protection for your face and hair.