What Are The Most Popular Pets In The World

Pets are important for life to many individuals.  Surely, it can’t be denied the fact that there are countries like the US, 68% of families love to purchase or adopt pets. Considering that pets are not toys, they tend it is a stupid idea that made millions take much responsibility for owning pets. Pets or domestic animals have been domesticated to provide people’s satisfaction.

Do you know, that domestication of animals takes place during the Neolithic Insurgency in 9,000 BC when human discovers that human being needs to establish links with nature and animals? That’s what history tells.  

But what are the most popular pets? Well, it cannot be denied that the King and Queen in every household have are Dogs and Cats; however, maybe you will be amazed at what you will see in this article. So, let’s take a trip and continue reading this article about the most popular pets in the world.

We are going to start on the Top 5 on the list, which includes:


The Ferrets are a member of the weasel family, and this has been domesticated for over 2000 years.  Ferrets are considered to be highly intelligent and social pets. It is small, not just like other pets but, do you know that ferrets are quiet? They just make noises when they got injured or hurt. And in addition, ferrets slept an estimated 18hours a day. That’s incredibly amazing, right? But there are things you need to remember about having a ferret pet. They don’t want to be in the cage all day so that they can room around. 


Birds are not missing from the list. It comes from a different variety, shapes, and species. And there are things to consider before you decide to own a bird. It is very important to find the right birds that fit your personality and lifestyle because when it comes to owning a bird, it needs more attention and works to handle things.

You might need to invest sometimes in training your pet bet bird. So, if you are a low patience type of person, better not get a bird as a pet because it might cause strange bird behavior.

Freshwater Fish

Freshwater fish is our fourth most common pet on the list. Most households valued fish as their companion. Buying fish is cheap and feeding them is not too expensive. But, considering bringing aquatic to your home then, definitely you need an aquarium for them to habitat. Since maintaining an aquarium is relatively easy and you’re not stressed as long you know the proper steps on how to keep it. The best thing to consider having a pet fish is that you need conditioning water, pH levels, and stabilizing the temperature of your aquarium. And if you have that, then you are ready to have a pet fish!


Well, no doubts that Cats would be the 2nd on the list. According to a study that owning cats can lower your stress level, that’s probably possible! Yes, since cats don’t require too much effort like other animals. It has a positive calming effect when owning a pet cat. And according to a study also, if you have babies exposed to cats, they likely develop allergies less. So, that means an early age, high pet exposure appears to protect against not only pet allergies but also other types of common allergies.


Down to the top most popular pet in the world: Dogs are considered the most devoted companion. It gives unconditional love to the owner, and it is constantly entertaining. Most dog lovers know that life is better with a dog. Spending time with your pet dog does wonders for your well-being. According to research, owning a dog gives you physical and emotional relief. Since it makes you happier and healthier. And it helps you feels that you are not alone.

Dogs also have a big advantage on the elderly because it helps them improved their cognitive functions and social interactions. A study concluded that humans who have a sturdy attachment to a dog sense are more linked to their human relationships and their communities. So, if you are going to have a pet at home then, we hope that this article helps you find one you should have.