Strangest Things Caught on Home Security Cameras

The advent of home security systems as a product of technological advancement made people feel less worried and more at peace when inside the house or leaving for work or vacation. Unlike before, people can now remotely monitor what happens within their home premises in real-time, using only their smartphones. Imagine if one day you are passively spying the house from your smartphone only to be caught off guard with bizarre images that would make you wonder: what the hell is happening?

Home security cameras often witness strange phenomena that you can only imagine or see in the movies. Things like odd flocks of animals standing still in front of your doorstep, creepers dressed like clowns, strangers walking back and forth on your porch in the middle of the night – these bizarre scenarios would undoubtedly send chills down your spine.

While others can be genuinely terrifying, some can be as wholesome as cute animals visiting your baby or strangers doing an act of kindness. If you haven’t experienced any strange events like these yet (which we doubt), let us tell you about some of the most bizarre things caught in home security cameras. We also added information about how to learn robotics and artificial intelligence in a fun way. 

The Mask Man

Most people do it as a prank, but others have sinister motives behind their masks. It was the case in a home in Connecticut when a security camera caught a glimpse of a masked man “visiting” the house. Although seeing a stranger wearing a mask is ‘meh’ for the first time, detecting him twice or thrice in a row might signal an impending danger to you and your family. Fortunately, on his third visit, the police were already on standby.


scary clown holding a balloon

Probably inspired by the lore of a murderous clown, pranksters worldwide had developed the temerity of dressing as clowns to scare kids and adults alike. However, clown sightings in the US had become so terrifying that many people disprove such pranks. In a home in Florida, advanced home security footage revealed a stranger dressed as a clown making a “shhh” gesture in front of the camera. 

Floating Figure in Hernandez Home

All is well and serene when Briana Hernandez’s husband spotted an unusual figure meandering over their porch. It happened in August 2017; the unconfirmed paranormal event shook the household, as Briana’s told the reporters, “As soon as I saw it, my hair stood up. I’ve never seen anything like that before.” 

The camera recorded a seemingly human form, floating or skipping playfully across the family’s driveway, close to their car. People have mixed reactions to the video, while most of them were skeptics. While the couple has long since become quiet about the developments of the incident, the white ghost’s identity remained unknown.

The Hooded Intruder

man holding his smartphone to control home security system

This one is a typical burglary, but equally terrifying nonetheless. The Chicago couple decided to review their security cameras in search of the woman’s missing purse. They originally wanted to know the supposed location of the misplaced purse, only to discover a horrifying truth that would’ve cost them their lives. 

The video, recorded in July 2016, revealed a hooded man standing on top of the staircase, looming over them while they slept down the living area in front of the TV. His movements were stealthy and calculated that even the two dogs that the couple owned remained fast asleep. The hooded figure was reportedly a notorious burglar in the area, with residents claiming to have caught images of the same person in their CCTV.

The White Van

Among those disturbing videos that a parent can find is her children barely escaping the clutches of mysterious creepers. The same thing happened sometime in October 2017 when a white van drove over in front of a house where three little girls were playing on the trampoline. The stranger reportedly offered the girls donuts in an attempt to lure the kids into his van.

Fortunately, the eldest sister sensed the looming danger and hurriedly grabbed her siblings back into the house before the mysterious man could have attempted any more antics. When the mother saw the video, she reported that she was proud of her eldest daughter, who acted smartly and quickly to save their lives. She immediately posted the footage on social media to warn parents of the white creeper van. 

Bear Intruder

Not only humans but animals like bears can intrude on your home, especially if your house’s security system is weak. It happened in the US where an American Black Bear was caught by a home security camera intruding an empty vacation house. The video showed the bear going to the living area after entering the house via the kitchen window. 

The footage went on to reveal the bear plunking on the house’s piano. The sound made the video more like a horror movie, as the bear continued to roam the area unbothered by the piano’s sound. Reports later revealed the damages that the bear made, wreaking havoc inside the vacation home. Fortunately, said the owner, she was lucky that she was not present when the bear invaded the house.

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