Tips for Picking the Best Travel Backpack

Tips for Picking the Best Travel Backpack

Picking the best backpack travel is an essential part of your trip. Whether you’re planning to visit beach resorts, city destinations, or explore the off beaten track, nothing can beat the flexibility and comfort of having the right backpack, making it one of the most important pieces of your travel gear. Yet, … Read more

Tips for Traveling in France

a glowing Louvre Museum at night, and a building at its side

Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.  – Ibn Battuta France is a perfect vacation destination for many people, widely recognized as the world’s cultural capital offering an array of food, beauty, and history to fill a trip across Western Europe’s largest country. You won’t regret scheduling a vacation in France, whether … Read more

Geocaching: the trend of treasure-hunting worldwide

GPS device used for geocaching

Ever wonder if treasures are real? Yes, they are! But some of them are special not because of the actual prize they hold but the experience of looking for it. Geocaching has become more and more popular since the advent of GPS technology continues to advance. The concept of geocaching can be … Read more